The Future Sequoits Who Are On Their Way: Emily Roberts


Girls golf is certainly not the most popular sport to join in high school, and last year’s team only had seven players. However, eighth grader Emily Roberts has played the sport since she was eight years old and is ready to take on the challenge of joining the high school team.

“I enjoy playing golf because it is challenging and something I have grown up around because my dad plays as well,” Roberts said. “I also love being outside and playing an outdoor sport.”

Roberts believes she has acquired many techniques that have helped her improve her game. Her dad and other various golf teachers have taught her how to play and what needs to happen in order to constantly better her final score each time she takes the course. Outside of the many skills that she is ready to use when she joins the team, Roberts is also excited to play to win matches and tournaments instead of just playing for fun.

“I was really excited as well when I joined the team last year,” freshman Madison Maish said. “I hope she is ready to play and make the team atmosphere even better.”