Land of Milk and Honey

1. In an imaginary place where life is prosperous, there is more than enough of everything.


There are many concerns to be sad about in today’s society, forcing some into what they see as a depressing or unpleasant life. But when thinking about life in a different more positive perspective, reality becomes easier and more enjoyable. High school students live very busy and stressful, yet informative, lives that they can learn a lot from to help make the rest of their lives feel as though they are living a dream.

Life is not easy as a teenager, but looking at life like a land of milk and honey will make any situation into a worthwhile experience. Having an upbeat mentality will also bring confidence and liveliness into their lives.

“Having a positive mindset helps me be motivated to perform different tasks throughout my day,” junior Za’tazia Duffey said. “When I have a positive attitude I’ll be like ‘I can do this’, whereas having a negative attitude would make the day feel longer and make me more unsuccesful in what I want to do.”

Looking at the bright side of life can completely change others negative attitude because being positive can be contagious. When other people see someone like Duffey who is ecstatic and having a great time a majority of the time, it is hard not to strive to be happy and positive as well.

Another great reason to be positive in everyday activities is when someone makes an effort to help uplift his/her peers. This can make the one doing the uplifting feel twice as good. Duffey keeps her head high giving her confidence in day-to-day tasks, helping her to become an amazing student and an even better friend.

The confidence brought on from being nice to others and seeing the world as a blessing really makes an impact on one’s life. That simple change of heart will give an individual the motivation to achieve whatever he/she wants in life, big or small.

“Not getting down on myself when things aren’t going my way helps to keep me working to my goals,” junior Alex Besson said.

Positivity fertilizes success and, in the long run, will lead to a happy life where success is the only option. Besson uses positivity to help him in many day-to-day activities that he partakes in, like track and field, cross country and his school work. With very little free time and many tasks to accomplish it is easy to drop the ball and give up, but when someone like Besson thinks about the good that will come out of the work he does and why certain goals are important to him, life becomes a breeze.

“I believe other people should [view the world more positively] because then it will make the world a better, more peaceful place,” Duffey said.

The world is full of corrupt, angry and cold-hearted individuals, but just being happy around others can help cure a pessimistic culture and cultivate a society full of fun-loving personalities. Yet it is not easy to change the way one thinks, especially when that person is caught up in their own negativity and bitterness. It takes courage, meaning not to be afraid of being different, and requires one to be an original.

A great example of how an individual thinks they can initiate a change is the Earth’s decaying health. The Earth is full of life and prosperity, but when people do not see the world as a beautiful treasure, garbage is littered and pollution transpires, making blue skies and green trees turn rotten and deathly. This makes others view the world as negative, just like the ones who made certain areas of the earth look expired. That is why it is important to be bring joy and positivity into the life of others, so positivity can take control and turn the world into the land of milk and honey.

Even though there are moments in life that are inevitably sad, a great attitude will make it easier to push through a rough patch in an individual’s life.

“If I get a bad grade, just thinking about acing the next assignment helps me to look past what I got on that assignment,” Besson said.

A student’s grades are one of their top priorities in their life throughout high school because that will determine where they go to college and what they do for a living. To make sure a bad assignment does not bring Besson down or let him fall behind, he moves onto the next one. He puts all his efforts into his education so he can make up for any of his mistakes, which is easy to do when nothing can bring him down.

Life is difficult—period. Knowing that it will all work out and that life will go on creates a mental land of milk of honey for any individual. Life is about achieving goals, having fun and being oneself, and that can only happen when there is a positive frame of mind.