Tennis Profile: Tom Ruminski


Jared Deboer, Social Media Coordinator

Every sport comes with athletes looking to become the best, and junior Tom Ruminski is a perfect example. Ruminski is willing to put in as much work as it takes to follow through with his goals and aspirations.

High expectations require higher levels of training and preparation as well. Ruminski knows this, he puts in even more than what is required of him to reach his goals. This is going to be his fourth tennis season, he is very excited and can’t wait to get started.

“I feel really prepared for this season,” Ruminski said. “I played almost every day over the summer.” There is no doubt that he has put in the time and effort, now it just comes down to putting all that practice together during matches.

Junior Will Vesser plays doubles with Ruminski, they both have the same goal in mind this year: state.

“My personal goal this season is to make it to state with my doubles partner,” Ruminski said. “I think it will be a challenge, but we both have improved a lot. We also work really well together on the court.”

These two varsity athletes mean business this season, and Ruminski trusts in his partner because he knows that their coordination can take them far in this sport.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of any sport is the numerous memories and experiences the team gets to share together. When a team becomes closely knitted, to the point where they are always having fun together, they tend to play much better.

“I always have fun playing tennis with Tom,” Vesser said. “He’s really competitive and is always making me better.” It isn’t all that common to have a team that thinks of its members as best friends, but that is something Ruminski really values with this tennis team.

“My goals are really important because I am really passionate about this sport, and I love how much fun we have as a team,” Ruminski said. “We all make sure to help each other improve, but we don’t hesitate to make sure we have fun while doing it.”

Having fun while playing with friends is what motivates Ruminski to make sure he is playing his absolute best so he doesn’t let his teammates down. He can’t wait to start playing so he can use this motivation to succeed on the court this spring season.