Tennis Profile: William Vesser


Jared Deboer, Social Media Coordinator

Junior William Vesser has found a new passion since coming to Antioch Community High School, tennis has now become his sport of choice. He hasn’t broken stride since joining the team because he is now a key varsity asset and an amazing addition to the team.

Spring sports are just beginning and everyone on the team is ready to tackle this years tennis season. Each player is looking forward to working their hardest to reach their own personal goals, and some are working on goals that apply to the team as a whole.

“My goals for this team are for everyone to succeed while also making the experience fun for everyone.” Vesser said. He puts enjoyment on his personal list of goals because as a junior he is a veteran. Vesser has played tennis for longer than most of the athletes on the team, even longer than the majority of the seniors. He would like for the team to have fun their first years of tennis so they can continue playing year after year. This is goal was partially taught by Vesser’s coach: Jamie D’Andrea.

“Tennis is a lifelong sport,” D’Andrea said. “ It requires very little equipment to play, and once a person knows how to play, they will likely continue to play throughout their adulthood.” Vesser’s personal goals may seem daunting to some, but he knows that the time he put into practicing is going to be justified with success. He has been working exceptionally hard to pave the road for his main goal, state.

“I’ve prepared by playing a lot in the offseason so I can have a better chance to make it to state this year,” Vesser said. State is nothing to sneeze at, especially for tennis. Although it is a goal many athletes share, Vesser plans to make this season the one.