Must See Tennis Matches


Tennis is an extraordinarily competitive and fast paced sport. The power of a serve, the speed of the tennis ball, and the reaction time of the players provide great entertainment for those who watch. Although when put against rival teams, these already competitive matches turn into an intense and exhilarating war between friends.

One rivalry match that should be accounted for is the match against Warren Community High School. They have a great tennis program, the lack of a large skill gap forces each player to put in all their effort in order to win the match.

“The match I am looking forward to the most is Warren because I have played tough matches against them before and I enjoy our friendly rivalry” junior Will Vesser said.

Antioch Community High School plays against WCHS at 9:00 a.m. on March 31st at the District 117 Tennis Complex. There is also a WCHS quad meet on Saturday, May 5th. The location for that meet is at the same time and same place, but shouldn’t be overlooked.

Another match to look forward to is the one against Wauconda Community High School. Many of the tennis players consider WCHS to be their rival school because of they have a great tennis program and always provide tightly contested matches.

“I would consider Wauconda to be our rival,” junior Jackson Devaughn said. “I always hear about how much our players are looking forward to playing them.”

This is going to be a close match, each player is going to be putting their training and conditioning to the test to make sure they come out victorious. This is definitely a match that should be marked on the calendar. The match will be hosted by WCHS on April 3rd at 3:15 p.m.