Grade-A Looks Without the Sacrifice

Tennis shirts keep athletes looking great while keeping their play as high quality as ever.


Andreas Seppi

Uniforms in sports are meant for top-notch performance and should give the athlete confidence in their gear. Sometimes the uniform may not look as sleek due to the fact that it is meant for performance, not appearance.

Tennis uniforms are known for having style and some can even be extremely fancy. Tennis players uniforms are normally polo t-shirts which give off a good impression, but that does not mean that tennis is easy just because they dress well.

“I think it’s awesome that tennis players get to look good before and during games,” junior Nick Galante said. “The shirts don’t hinder our play either.”

The sport polo shirt is designed for superior performance over formal polos. They give the athletes sweat wicking technology and supreme mobility to make sure the player can be serving and returning the tennis ball with as much power, speed and precision as possible.

Tennis can sometimes be classified in the same category as golf or frisbee golf due to the style of clothing. People also view tennis as being based on form rather than requiring athleticism. Tennis is a difficult sport which requires speed, fidelity and power. The shirts designed for the sport provide comfort, style and mobility allowing the athlete to give it their all with nothing holding them back.