Language and Culture Education

English Language classes offer students the ability to further their understanding of written and spoken English.


Isabelle Hunter

The 2019-20 school year is Amanda Cardenas’ first year teaching the EL class. She does her best to make understanding the English language as easy as possible for her students. “They go to regular classes all day long [so] they are learning English all day,” Cardenas said. “My job though, is to make sure English makes sense [to them].”

English Language classes are ideal for helping high school students who are learning English as a second language. EL classes serve as a student’s English course for the year. The class teaches students the English language and American culture. 

It is a state requirement that Antioch Community High School provides EL as a course option. Advanced Placement Language and EL teacher Amanda Cardenas began teaching EL at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

“This type of education, I think for me, is a deep belief that all children deserve absolute equity when it comes to their education,” Cardenas said. “They deserve access to a language that is going to be what helps them once they’re out of high school.” 

It is crucial for students to learn and understand English, as it is most widely spoken language in the United States. Junior Brooke Poulos explains why she believes it is important to offer EL classes to students that do not know English as a first language. 

“English Language [classes are] important to have at ACHS because, without [them], some students would not get their full education,” Poulos said. “It gives all students the opportunity to learn something new.” 

EL classes close the gap between native speakers and those learning English as their second language. By providing a course that specifically looks to teach the fundamentals of speaking and writing in English, ACHS helps end the struggle non-English speakers face as they adapt to American customs.

The New York Learning Center is a college in New York that provides many language courses designed to help students gain the ability to speak English fluently. According to NYLLC, students in EL classes receive an opportunity to achieve familiarity with the language and the strategies for coping with learning it. Becoming familiar with English will be crucial if immigrants are to integrate easily into society.

EL is a vital course for students learning English to become more educated and also learn about American culture. This course helps many new students become more comfortable at ACHS.