Lightning Never Strikes in the Same Place Twice

1. Misfortune does not occur twice in the same way to the same person.

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Griffin Hackeloer

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Lightning Never Strikes in the Same Place Twice

Every person at some point throughout his/her life is faced with an opportunity. When that lightning strikes, it is up to that person to decide if they want to let that opportunity pass or if they should roll with it and let it blossom into something amazing. For junior David Yaris, he rolled with an opportunity to work with the Antioch Community High School TechCrew and it ended up turning into something amazing for him. In Yaris’ case, it was not misfortune that had occurred for him.

Yaris received an amazing opportunity that got him started in a job that could blossom into his future career. Yaris was offered a position to work for the IT department in the ACHS TechCrew. He began during his transition from freshman to sophomore year. His proficiency with the TechCrew has given him the ability to become one of the only students working in the D117 community that will be able to continue his work through the school year and into the summer.

“I needed a summer job to earn money,” Yaris said. “Something that wasn’t manual labor intensive and involved skills I already knew, [TechCrew] was definitely calling my name.”

Although he is involved in TechCrew at the moment, this was not the first tech-related company that Yaris has worked for. In March 2013, David started a company called Frostbite Customs.

“This company was not large, nor do I have as much interest in this specific venture anymore,” Yaris said. “I wanted to test my entrepreneurial skills and create an outlet for myself to earn money.”

Many people, when starting a company have the help of others. Numerous of the largest companies in the world were started by a small group of people. For example, technology company Apple was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

No one directly helped Yaris in starting his first business. The only help that he had received was from a friend in designing a website. Frostbite Customs is a company that builds custom, purpose-built computers. The main type of computers that the company builds is custom gaming computers that are meant to be able to handle whatever is thrown at them.

As Yaris’ company followed demand, the business got away from the custom-PC side of things, it blossomed from making PCs to repairing broken PCs.

Yaris’ father was an enormous influence in his decision to start a company. His father ran a home improvement company of his own, which inspired Yaris to want to start something on his own and his father helped to implement his own entrepreneurial traits into David’s mind.

In starting his own company, Yaris had everything against him. Typically companies are started by someone who is older and has more experience. Teens that are trying to start a business are often looked at differently than someone who is older.

“I appreciate the value and respect I am able to get from adults,” Yaris said. “It is rare that a teenager can be held to the same level in conversation [or treated like a child], but I hold admiration for those who are willing to take me seriously.”

Throughout Yaris’s time working with the ACHS TechCrew, he has worked his way up to the top and will be one of the only students working and being paid this upcoming summer.

His expertise in working in the tech business has helped him be recognized by Ryan Miles, Community High School District 117’s Chief Technology Officer.

“I have been given the opportunity to speak to the Board of Education twice to talk about D117’s technology programs,” Yaris said.

“David has been with me for about a year-year and a half he started at the end of his freshman year,” desktop specialist Eric Schevikhoven said. “He took control; he is a very smart kid. I didn’t have to teach him a whole lot of stuff. He kind of came in saw what we needed to do, liked what we were doing and picked up on our plan.”

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. When approached by an opportunity, never hesitate because that opportunity may never come again. Yaris had an opportunity and took it. If Yaris had not had inspiration to start his own company, his whole life would not be the same. From starting a small computer building company, it has now turned into a job that could lead into a career. From this one small strike of lightning. Yaris has created a storm.