Sequoit Spring Break

Spring break is one of the most popular travel times of the year. Check out some of the places Sequoits went this year.

Spring break is one of the most popular times of year for travel. In the middle of March, it doesn’t quite feel like spring in most northern places. But a quick flight a few hours, going south can change all of that. People from all age ranges travel all over the world: everything from teens going on college visits to families traveling to foreign countries. Tropical vacation spots are the most sought-after. 

For spring break, I went to Destin, Florida and I really liked it because I was able to hang out on the beach and in warm weather for the week,” junior Nicholas Galante said. 

I went to Nosara, Costa Rica,” junior Ella Maggio said. “I loved it. It was 90 [degrees] every day. I learned how to surf and it was crazy fun. I also got to drive a four wheeler everywhere because they don’t have roads just dirt paths. Truly unbelievable.

Spring break is a week that once a year people get a break from the work and the cold and get a week of leisure and time off.  The most popular place for going on break during this time have proven to be college visits. Many Sequoits went off on college visits, tropical vacations and even trips with the school around the world. 

“I went to Cozumel, Mexico,” senior Ashley Mosquera said. “I loved it because I’ve never been there before and I love going to different places. I met some people who were also there for a senior trip. But not only that, it was also my first time going somewhere with my best friend. We did things that I’ve never done before like parasailing, and most of all riding ATV’s. We rode them to a cave called Jade Cenote. There we went cliff jumping into the cave and it was an amazing experience made even better because I was with my best friend.”

“I went to Alaska for spring break,” sophomore Karina Steitz said. “I loved it because we did something my family always does which is skiing but somewhere totally different. The view was amazing and we saw a lot of wildlife which was awesome. Alaska is so far away, it’s so different than places around here and that’s what I really liked about it.”