North Korea Missile Failure

Shortly after North Korea's founder's birthday celebration, a rocket test resulted in failure.


Associated Press

On April 15, North Korea’s military launched a new single stage missile that is propelled by liquid fuel.

North Korea held a celebration of founder Kim Il Sung’s birthday. This celebration included a massive parade in a militaristic style. Parade-goers showed off all sorts of weapons, including new mobile missiles housed in canister-type launchers on the back of trucks.

This parade took place in the nation’s capital Pyongyang. During a missile test on Sat., April 15, according to U.S. officials, a missile exploded a short four to five seconds after its launch.

This was the second failed test of this missile, and because of the failed attempts, it is unknown what the missile’s official use will be for.

“I think that [the missile failure] is good to frustrate Kim Jong Un,” junior Jaden Rodriguez said. “And since he likes to be in power and he is a control freak, this may make him test even more.”