Making History

Kelsey Neville is the fifth person in Antioch’s history to qualify for state all four years of her high school career.

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Benjamin Nauman

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The Influence of a Name
September 28, 2018

On October 19-21,  Kelsey Neville placed 6th in the state with a tournament record of 5-2. Winning 4th place the previous year, the tournament stepped up its game. As she got older, the harder she worked to compete in the state tournament.

“As the years went on, the competition definitely got a lot tougher,” Neville said. “I usually practiced outside of school at a club in Lincolnshire for a few hours to make sure I was prepared.”

Neville was sure to always be prepared for anything that tennis could throw at her, both at state and during the regular season.

Being able to go to state for four consecutive years, Neville was always supported by her family, friends and teammates.

“It was incredible how much support I got from my friends and family,” Neville said. “The memories from state were unforgettable.”

Getting offers from colleges at all levels, Neville is still undecided about her future.


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