More Ways to Enjoy a Workout

Many people may find it more enjoyable to try Fitness Marshall or even yoga, instead of running at a gym.


This shows a new and exciting way to workout. Yoga isn't a typical workout such as, running or lifting, but it still does the job.

Traditional workouts may not be enjoyable for everyone. Not everyone loves going to the gym to run or lift. However, there are other ways that one can exercise while having fun. 

One form of working out that will help burn calories and increase one’s heart rate is Just Dance.

“I think participating in Just Dance is beneficial for your body,” junior Molly Adams said. “One is able to burn calories, increase endurance, become more flexible, etc.”

Although, Just Dance doesn’t involve building muscle and gaining strength, it will help with a variety of other healthy workouts. The Fitness Marshall workout is another way to build endurance and keep one in shape.

“For some people, focusing on running can be boring,” sophomore Jordan Mitchell said. “Fitness Marshall can help motivate you because it is entertaining and has a high intensity.”

Fitness Marshall is a type of workout that is very similar to Just Dance but with a higher intensity. Fitness Marshall and running can have the same amount of intensity because both involve constantly moving for a long period of time. Yoga is another form of meditation and breathing that can improve a person’s well being.

 Yoga is an exercise that lots of people do to help relax and stretch out muscles. Yoga has the ability to burn calories and increases flexibility by sweating. 

“I think the way that one chooses to workout out depends on the individuals goals,” P.E. teacher Jamie Walton said. “I like to balance out the workouts I do because running all the time might not be as fun as trying yoga or Fitness Marshall.”

Increasing flexibility is something that one will not achieve with running so that is when the other variations of working out will come into play. There are lots of Yoga studios locally such as Trillium Yoga or The Yoga Effect.

No matter how one may choose to workout, it will still be beneficial in all ways. Everyone has different interests and doing what one finds most enjoyable will benefit them and help with what one is trying to accomplish.