New policy enforcement for second semester

Rules that have been forgotten about are about to come back into play this semester. Here is everything that is necessary to know regarding these enforcements.

This semester, Antioch Community High School has made some changes to enforce already stated rules and policies such as passes, tardies, behavior and masks.

“It’s nothing that we don’t already do, and 99% of [students] do already,” ACHS principal Eric Hamilton said. “It’s just a little bit of tightening.”

Being hybrid and remote last year has had a big influence on these enforcements. 

“I think the impact is that we had close to a year and a half, two years, where we were not all together, so there is some loss of that socialization,” Hamilton said. “Your body adjusts and [creates a] pattern. Your body adjusts to what it used to.”

One of the biggest issues concerns a lack of passes, as well as people wandering the hallways. Now, it is required for students to use their passbooks anytime they need to leave the classroom. For those without a passbook, they will be available in the dean’s office. 

 “You need to use a passbook [rather than] a random piece of something, a lanyard or nothing at all,” Hamilton said.

Bathroom behavior is another issue. Recently, bathroom vandalization has been ongoing. ACHS administration is asking students to not vape in the bathrooms, as well as to not destroy them; if those expectations cannot be met, they will be shut down. The administration is also asking that if students see something, they say something. 

Masks are becoming more necessary recently with the new Omicron variant and cases on the rise. Administration – as well as teachers – are asking that masks be worn properly and kept over both the nose and mouth.

Tardies will also be handled in a more serious manner this semester, so being on time for classes is important; otherwise, students may recieve detentions. 

The hope is for the new protocol to positively impact ACHS, as well as improve the atmosphere for all students and staff members.