New Members Added to Hall of Fame

Antioch Community High School inducts new members into the Hall of Fame in order to recognize the outstanding abilities of these individuals.

Antioch Community High School has recently added six members to their massive Hall of Fame to recognize the sportsmanship, character, and work ethic both on and off the field while these students attended ACHS.

“It’s kind of surreal to think that one day me or any of my peers could be added to the exact same Hall of Fame,” senior Zachary Leitza said. “There is plenty of athletic talent present in the students here, so it will be cool to look back on it twenty or thirty years from now and see where all of us end up in life.”

For many, athletes have set their sites on joining these newly inducted members. It is an honor to be added to the Hall of Fame, as your name becomes immortalized within the school and you are able to leave a legacy and set a standard long after your time in high school has passed.

“I think I definitely try harder while I keep in mind that my name could also stand in the school forever,” junior Andy Bowles said. “I hold sports very close to my heart, so I think that being recognized for what I do while I’m here will make me feel like everything that I have done, both on and off the field, has been worth it.”

For others, seeing familiar names added to the Hall of Fame allows them to feel a more personal connection with people they have idolized for quite some time.

“I think Paul Dejong is definitely one of the biggest athletes to have attended our school,” junior Luke Dragin said. “He plays in the plays for the St. Louis Cardinals and has been to multiple All-Star Games. I’m pretty sure if he can be considered an All-Star among the best baseball players in the world, then he should definitely be a part of the Hall of Fame here at our high school.”

Like any sport, the Hall of Fame at ACHS is an honor to be inducted into, and many hope to one day see their names listed with the members added this year. With a large portion of the student body participating in sports, anyone has a chance to be inducted in the years to come.