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Nice to meat you: New Jersey Mike’s location

Antioch welcomed Jersey Mike’s newest location on Feb. 2. In addition to having subs, the sandwich shop has begun a competition between surrounding schools to raise money.
Emma Poklop
The #13 Orignial Italian contains mouth-watering provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, pepperoni and a variety of toppings like lettuce, tomato and vinaigrette.

Jersey Mike’s, a sandwich chain that started in Point Pleasant, NJ has now made its way to Antioch, Ill. Their newest location opened on Feb. 2 of 2022. Jersey Mike’s Subs is known for having freshly sliced and grilled subs. With more than 2000 locations, Antioch now joins the list of towns containing Jersey Mike’s. 

As far as the menu goes, Jersey Mike’s has a variety of sandwiches ranging from cheesesteak to Italian clubs. In addition, they serve chips, fountain drinks and desserts like cookies and brownies. 

Located at 489 E. IL-173 Antioch, IL the sandwich shop is a mere five-minute drive from Antioch Community High School offering a new feasible off-campus lunch option. While being directly across the street from Jimmy Johns and only a few miles from Subway, Jersey Mike’s may find it difficult to reign in business. 

In an attempt to raise money for the local schools and bring in possible new customers, Jersey Mike’s is running a promotion from Feb 2. to Feb. 6 in which the company is making a difference with their food that is made differently. 

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“Jersey Mike’s is offering a free sub with a $2 minimum donation,” activity director Teri Klobnak said. “There are also other coupons that were emailed to families through Infinite Campus, and if coupons are turned in, they will donate $2 to the high school.”

Jersey Mike’s is running this promotion with both ACHS and Petty Bobcat Boosters. The school that redeems the most cards wins a competition.  

“Depending on if we win and how many cards are redeemed, they will give our school a donation,” Klobnak said. 

Jersey Mike’s is offering a new restaurant for the town while also giving back to the community.

“Antioch Community High School is showing support of a new local business while they want to make a donation to our students as well,” Klobnak said. 

In addition to benefiting the local schools, Jersey Mike’s differentiates itself from other establishments in the food they serve. 

“The different types of sandwiches that they have, like the Philly cheesesteak and the chipotles ones, sets it apart from places like Jimmy John’s,” senior Sloan Townsend said.

“I thought it was a pretty cool place,” Townsend said. “When I went it was really packed so that was awesome to see.” 

If looking for a delicious sandwich with a side of community, look no further than Jersey Mike’s. Offering a variety of sandwiches while also supporting local schools makes the NJ-based shop different from others. A mere five-minute drive from ACHS makes this a great place for Sequoits to eat.

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Emma Poklop
Emma Poklop, Tom Tom Staff
Emma Poklop is a senior and this is her first year on staff. She is an active member of the marching and jazz band. On the off chance that she is not working at Great Wolf Lodge as a lifeguard or doing homework, Poklop enjoys cooking, hammocking, giving sass and being a hater of Ashley Lubkeman.
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