Offensive Gift Wrap

Holiday wrapping paper removed from shelves because of offensive symbol.


Clay Vesser

Graphic by Clay Vesser

With Christmas right around the corner, consumers across the globe are preparing to purchase electronics, clothes, toys and other holiday gifts for loved ones this year, but what is a present without festive holiday gift wrapping paper? Supermarkets are one of the common places that have a large stock of all of those holiday items. Walgreens is one such place, and on Dec. 4 in Northridge, Calif., Cheryl Shapiro was shopping in a Walgreen’s store and happened to notice a particular design on a roll of wrapping paper. On a Walgreens brand of Hanukkah wrapping paper, Shapiro happened to spot a swastika design in the pattern of the wrapping paper.

Shapiro responded by talking with the store manager to get the offending gift wrap removed from the store. Walgreens then removed the paper from its stores nationally.

ACHS junior Ryan Thorn said, “Hitler, obviously. It’s kind of become a symbol of evil or cruelty because of what he believed. The swastika on the wrapping paper honestly could have been a mistake without anyone knowing, but anyone that supports the ideas behind the swastika probably have some bad intentions.