Mitchell Munda is a new physical education teacher and football coach. Munda is young and already making an impact on the students and athletes of ACHS.

Munda played college football at the University of Wisconsin Platteville; he is very serious about his team and always has high expectations for students due to his experience in college.

“Mr. Munda treats all his students fairly however he also has high expectations and always pushes us to do our best,” sophomore Adrian Ruiz said. “When we did the pacer all I wanted to do was stop because I was so tired, but Mr. Munda kept pushing me and I performed a lot better than I thought I would.”

Munda is very serious about physical education he’s always tough on the students and even tougher on the athletes, but that’s because he cares about every one of his students just as equally as the next.

Munda cares deeply about the performance of the football team. He always wants them to do their best and play as hard as they can. He always has a positive attitude; even if they lose he is able to stay calm and stay focused on the task at hand.

“He’s all about fun and games but when it comes down to the game or prepping before a game he can be very serious,” sophomore football player Elijah Reyes said. “If we perform badly he gets very upset with us and we usually have to run, but when we do well he gets really hyped and happy [for us].”

He enjoys being a teacher here due to the school spirit and the positive attitudes of all the kids; he always expects his athletes to have the same positive attitude in a game as well.

“What’s not to love about Antioch? The school spirit is unbelievable and I feel that a lot of people love it here as much as I do,” Munda said. “ I feel very welcomed by the staff especially because I had never met any of these people before; all the staff members are very respectful towards me and are always positive.”

Munda is brand new to the staff but students still respect him just as much as some of the teachers who have worked here for years.

“I worked really hard on my studies and I also played college football for my team which is another reason why I wanted to be the assistant coach,” Munda said.

Even though Munda may not have a lot of experience, he’s still making a positive impact on ACHS.

“It’s his first year here, he’s a really young guy right out of college; even though he doesn’t have much experience I still view him as a great role model,” Reyes said.

Munda is already earning awards from “make a difference,” and the coaches themselves; he continues to impress the coaches in his ability to inspire the students and athletes to push themselves and try harder.

He may be a new teacher and a new coach at ACHS, however he is still a Sequoit, and he respects everyone he comes in contact with and deserves the same in return.