Origins of Soccer

Soccer is a much bigger deal in different areas of the world.

Origins of Soccer

Soccer in America is a big deal for all ages, but it is an even bigger in other countries where it was first created. Soccer has held some of the most-watched televised sporting events in history. The sport traces back more than 2,000 years ago to areas such as China, Greece and Rome, as well as other places in Central America. In China especially, the people wanted to play a new game that didn’t involve the use of hands that would be brand new to everyone. The early games of soccer were played for entertainment and were not particularly competitive. That would soon change, and the sport would become an important staple for many countries today.

In this time, however, goals were not yet used for scoring and many games were played with whatever resources were nearby. For example, the ball was often made of leathers that contained other objects and fabrics inside. Also, the playing surfaces varied based on region. Lines were important early on because the team able to cross the the opponent’s line the most times with the ball would be victorious.

Like many sports, soccer started with simple rules such as no player being able to touch the ball with their hands other than the goalkeeper. Yet, overtime rules changed involving the number of players and the penalty kick was even implemented in 1891. Soccer has become very sophisticated and even seen as a science to some. No matter how big soccer is in American culture, it is even bigger in other countries and originated from places many people have no idea existed.

Junior Jacob Ramig admits he has little knowledge of the history of soccer but is intrigued by its origins.  

“I think it’s crazy that people thought it would be better to use their feet than their hands when they had the option,” Ramig said.