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Orlov Promoted to Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Current social studies department chair will move into position after Haren transitions to new district administrative position.

Even though second semester just began, Antioch Community High School students and staff are already looking ahead to the 2020-2021 school year. This includes the moving of key administrative talent in the building; in particular; social studies department chair Jaclyn Orlov being named this past Thursday as the new assistant principal of curriculum and instruction, a role currently filled by Aryan Haren.


As a result of Haren moving to her new position as District 117’s human resources director, ACHS was in need of an assistant principal of curriculum and instruction. The position was then opened to the public, with eight applicants going through an initial interview process; three finalists were then called in the next day for a three-hour interview with Antioch students, parents, teachers and administration. After 12 years in District 117 and two years as social studies department chair, Orlov was officially named the new Antioch Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction.


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“It’s a dream position that I looked forward to,” Orlov said. “It was a pleasant surprise that it came about when it did.”


Orlov is looking forward to learning the unique needs and functions of all the departments at ACHS in order to best support them. She anticipates using many of the same skills used as a department chair as an assistant principal.


“I’m excited to see what ideas [Orlov] brings and how she wants to put her mark on the position,” Antioch Principal Eric Hamilton said. “It’ll be interesting to watch [Haren] grow in her new role and to watch Ms. Orlov develop [in her new position].”


After being Antioch’s Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction for nine years, Haren recently announced her promotion to Community High School District 117’s Director of Human Resources and Assistant of Business for next school year.


“I wanted to learn more about [human resources],” Haren said. “This came up, as far as [the human resources] position, that we felt that our district needed.”


Haren is excited to take on this new position; her new responsibilities will include analyzing teacher FTE (full time equivalency), helping out with the new teacher mentoring program and recruiting teachers to the district.


These staff changes will be officially made this July.

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Kaitlyn Howe, Editor-In-Chief
Kaitlyn Howe is a senior and has been on staff for four years. She has also been apart of the Antioch Varsity Cheer Team for four years, including 2 podium finishes and a state title. In her free time, Katie enjoys shopping, sewing and playing with her dogs.
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