Packers on the Rise

The Green Bay Packers are now at a 7-3 record. But will the winning streak continue?

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Packers on the Rise

The Packers have been blasting off with high scoring wins in multiple NFL contests.

The Green Bay packers are now 7-3 in the middle of the 2014 NFL season.

The Packers have defeated teams such as the Minnesota Vikings (42-10) and the Carolina Panthers (38-17). Of the Packers’ seven wins, they have won 6 by at least a touchdown.

Minus their explosive offense with touchdown throwing quarter back Aaron Rogers and power running back Eddie Lacy, the Green Bay Packers also have had a brick wall of defense. The Packers needed to make a change to their defense after a 44-23 loss against the New Orleans Saints. After their loss, Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers, decided change to a formation that required an outside/inside linebacker, played by Clay Mathews.

“It just shows that we have a very talented defense,” Matthews said in an interview conducted by ESPN. “And it’s all about deciding which defense wants to show up.”

Matthews registered a sack for the second straight game.

With the new defensive plan, the Packers beat rival Chicago Bears (55-14) and the strong playing Philadelphia Eagles (53-20).

They prepare to face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Nov. 23. Tune in Sunday to see if they can continue their win streak and defeat the Vikings.