ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Parents in Sports


There is usually that one parent who is not afraid to let his or her opinion be heard at sporting events. No matter the level of play, from tee-ball to the professionals, loud and obnoxious spectators are nearly always present. Although these crazy parents may be, as some athletes put it, “quite annoying,” their message is the same as all other parents in attendance—showing support for their child, team and school.  

Giving a child support by attending the sporting events they participate in can have a beneficial influence on the child and even the team. The majority of parents that attend high school sporting events usually do so to support their kids. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a parent attending high school sporting events for solely the purpose of watching their kid play, there are few parents that show tremendous pride for their child’s school by attending many different sporting events a month, many of which do not involve their child. A few names that come to mind when describing these over the top parents are David and Tricia Filippone.

Parents find a way to make time for not only their child’s sports, but also other school sporting events. David and Tricia Filippone sacrifice their time and effort when attending Antioch’s various sporting events.

“[We] attend ten to twelve sporting events at the high school a month during the basketball season, and about one to two non-basketball sporting events a month,” D. Filippone said.

Many people can hardly find time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone find time to attend multiple sporting events. More times than not, dedication and sacrifice goes unnoticed in today’s society, even if it may just be a couple hours every other night to support Antioch Community High School. Overall, David and Tricia make time to go out of their way and support many different sporting events that Antioch Community High School has to offer.

Another aspect of attending a sporting event is the entertainment factor. When spectating these events, many different people enjoy various aspects of the game. Whether it is the level of play, the personal connection with the player, or the food; most spectators have different motives.

“The pure and innocent competition of high school athletes,” D. Filippone said. “High school athletes compete because they want to and enjoy participating with fellow classmates.”

“To see individuals trying their best to help ACHS win, especially against a rival like Grant,” Tricia Filippone said. “Fun to see competition.”

The Filippones’ admire the young competitiveness of the athletes they watch, which makes going to sporting events that much easier.

Probably the most basic, but important factor for attending all the different sporting events at ACHS is the support the spectators show and give to the players.

“I think players enjoy and appreciate the support by fans.  I think in a little way the fans are the twelfth man in football or the sixth man in basketball,” D. Filippone said. “It is always nice to know others take time out of their busy schedules to attend an event.”

“I like to think the support helps players be at their best,” T. Filippone said. “I am amazed how some fans can be so quiet as I feel fan support is critical to winning.”

Showing support is one of the easiest things that spectators can do. Just by showing up to an event and paying a small fee, parents can help the school financially with future events and, of course, cheer on their Sequoits.