Pep Rally Peps Up the Community

The pep rally is always an activity that is looked forward to every year but most importantly it brings the community together.


Patrick Sheehan

Homecoming decorations for the upcoming week were set up in the theme for Hollywood.

Every year Antioch hosts a pep rally and a parade for homecoming. All these amazing festivities draw large crowds to Antioch Community High School in preparation for the homecoming football game. Each year hundreds of people around Antioch come together to support the Sequoits and the high schools sports. There is a bonfire monitored by the Antioch fire department and performances by all the schools sports team. Whether the fans come to support a son, daughter, family member, friend or just to join in on the festivities, each year the town gets ready for homecoming in style.

While everyone is looking forward to homecoming sophomore Avery Weir is looking forward to seeing the town come together in addition to the pep rally. Weir has lived in Antioch most of her life and loves to come to the pep rally every year.

“Families come together to support sports and the high school,” Weir said.“The students also bond together from events like that.”

As the homecoming football game and bonfire approaches, senior Allison Kane can’t wait for the festivities. Over the course of her four years at ACHS, Antioch’s pep rally and parade is always one of her favorite events during the year.

“I think the parade is something everyone looks forward to,” Kane said. “The pep rally is so fun and entertaining for the students.”

The homecoming parade, pep rally and football game are some of the most looked forward to events of the year. Both Kane and Weir love the homecoming season and are always happy to be around all of their friends and love to watch their fellow classmates perform in the pep rally. Most of all, what they like to see is the entire town of Antioch come together as one.