Pop Goes the Sequoit: Lilly Regnier

A series of questions was asked to Regnier’s best friend, teammate and coach to see who knows her best.

Bridget Nauman

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Chanting New Traditions
January 24, 2020


Lillian Regnier Maiah Moll Addie Hammock Coach Greg Bruns
Favorite food? Mac n cheese Pirates Booty Mac n cheese Salad
Favorite animal? Cat Giraffe Capybara Dog
Favorite movie? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Mamma Mia 50 Shades of Gray Top Gun
Favorite subject? Biology Science Science Graphics
Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving Christmas Christmas Christmas
Favorite color? Peach Blue Coral Orange
Favorite season? Winter Winter Fall Summer
Favorite music genre? Country Country Country Pop
What does she want to be when she grows up? Car designer Car designer Car designer Automotive designer
When did she start volleyball? 4th grade 8th grade 6th grade 8th grade