Pop Goes the Sequoit: Mikey Volkmar

A series of questions was asked to Volkmar’s friend, coach, and teammate to see who knows her best.

Bridget Nauman

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Chanting New Traditions
January 24, 2020
Mikey Volkmar Kevin Tebbe


Coach Bailey


Josh Linck


Favorite movie? The Italian Job Stripes Billy Madison Jackass
Favorite food? Steak and potatoes Pizza Pizza Wings
Favorite color? Green Red Green Black
Favorite animal? Bear Dog Horse Dog
Favorite subject? Science Math PE History
Favorite sport? Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Football
Favorite song genre? Country Country Country Country
Favorite holiday? Christmas Christmas Christmas 4th of July
When did he start XC? Junior year Junior year Junior year Junior year
Fastest mile time? 4:55 5:08 4:50 5:02