REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Music Video

A closer look at the message portrayed in Swift's new music video.


Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video, off of her newest album, “1989,” racked up 51,444,288 views in just one week. Is this immense popularity because of her catchy new hit or the insane dark side she seems to possess throughout the entire video? Although entertaining, the once innocent Swift portrays a completely different persona than she did in the past.

The message delivered in this video is one that is not particularly easy to decipher. Swift’s previous videos were extremely easy to relate to in the eyes of a teenage girl, but this new hit is one that could give various messages to the listener. The all too familiar soft and innocent personality of Swift surely disappears. It seems as though her knowledge of when things have been taken too far disappears, as well.

Destroying a car with a golf club, cutting a cake vigorously with a knife, attacking a tree, lighting a shirt on fire and physical violence are all actions displayed in the music video. Swift’s goal is to tell a story of her “long list of ex-lovers” and how love will either be a long journey full of happiness and joy or one with a terrible ending that all was a waste. In reality, the only message she seems to relay to viewers is that if one’s heart gets played with, breaking down and dropping to the level of the person who hurt them by damaging everything in their possession is completely fine.

Teenage girls need to be shown aspects of independence, strength and confidence. In Swift’s older videos, she shows that patience and being original will lead to true happiness. It seems as though her new style of non-country pop gives her a reputation that is only headed one direction, down hill.

Every song on Swift’s “1989” album seems to have a great effect on listeners everywhere. Their catchy rhythm, lyrics and the inspirational artist who performs them will always have fans going crazy. On the other hand, the messages portrayed in the videos that this inspirational artist produces need to be cleaned up and classed up.

What happened to the once innocent, independent and lovable artist that teenagers fell in love with from the start? One thing is for sure; Swift surely proves her newest work to be “a nightmare dressed like a day dream.”