Self-Publishing Author Comes to Antioch

A self-publishing author who traveled across the country came to Antioch to speak to students during writers week.


Shawn Langhans is an ACHS alum who took Creative Writing twice and Creative Writing Advanced twice during his years at high school. ACHS English teacher Audrey Nagel-Schoonmaker has been editing his stories for ten years. He wanted to express himself creatively, and found that writing was his creative  passion.

Playing games like Minecraft and Legos helps him with inspiration, and the coolest place he has visited is Slab City, California.

“I write because I want to tell stories,” Langhans said.

Writing stories about the people he has met over the last decade while traveling has been his inspiration for writing.

“His hitch hiking travels sounded fun,” junior Nathan Cavanaugh said. “It made me want to write about my husky, who passed away sadly.”