What to Wear While Rock Climbing

Climbing in any sort of way is difficult, but with the right fashion, it can be easier and more fun.

A variety of different clothes will help make for the optimal climbing experience.

A good pair of stretch pants is ideal for climbing, but a pair of leggings can be bought at Walmart and will work just as well. Match that with a t-shirt, and most of your body will already be prepared. T-shirts rarely get caught on rocks, and tend to be a god climbing option.

The best climbing shoes are skinny shoes with good grips. Having the wrong shoes when climbing can be dangerous; slipping high off the ground can be a life-or-death scenario. Climbing shoes can be found at most outdoor stores and at climbing stores, and tend to run between 35 and 100 dollars.

The main item that all climbers use is a harness to keep the climber from falling off the rocks. Harnesses come in multiple colors and cost about 90 dollars.

“As long as you have a outfit with some wiggle room you’ll do great,” senior Rachel Caron said. “Most of all, don’t forget to have some fun!”