Sephora Helps Women Start Their Own Beauty Line

A perfect way to break into the beauty industry!

It has often been evident that women have lesser opportunities in the workplace. Sephora has come up with an idea to help women make great strides.

Sephora has started a new program to help women start their own personal beauty line. Corrie Conrad, head of social impact at Sephora, explained, “Even in the beauty industry, where most customers are women, female founders are still underrepresented. We see a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with entrepreneurs to build a supportive community for early-stage female founders,” as reported by Seventeen.

Their new training program is called Accelerate. The training program kicks off with a week long boot camp that helps founders create their business model and growth plan for the future. Throughout boot camp, founders will also go over their market analysis and funding strategy for their future business.

This is an excellent idea for women of all ages to create something of their own and earn a name in the beauty industry. Along with helping women plan their funding, model and growth plan, Sephora will also help founders come up with unique and creative designs for their products and eventually introduce them to a mentor from the industry.

Senior Candace Nelson said, “I think this is a great way for young girls to start their own successful business. This opportunity is not something you hear of very often and is a great idea.”

Sephora’s new program gives a chance for those who have great ideas to make something of them in the real world and let their voice be heard in the beauty industry.