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Sequoit cross country is off to an a-MAZE-ing start

Sequoits race at Richardson’s corn maze ends in victory.
Addison Lane
Antioch cross country races at Richardson’s Corn Maze

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the Sequoit girls and boys cross country teams traveled to Richardson’s Corn Maze to participate in a dual meet against the Richmond-Burton Rockets.

The boys cross country team showed up and showed out for their second race of the season with the team recording an almost perfect score of 18 and junior Carter Webb taking first place overall. This helped secure the win at Richardson’s Corn Maze for the second year in a row, along with sophomore Brady Kobb taking second place. Kobb looks to be a strong contributor and enjoyed the change of scenery. 

“It was a creative spot, I was in a different location than we are used to,” Kobb said.

The girls cross country team also took first place at the dual meet, with junior Addison Lane taking second place overall and sophomore Rosie Gonzales taking third. 

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“First of all, it was just a fun race and second everybody was really excited to run it,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales also appeared very happy with her overall placement on the team. With an impressive total score, the girls raced first and found out what the course had to offer this year.

This year’s course was a very challenging one, as the corn maze has many twists and turns and is very tight, making passing your competitors a challenge; there are few open areas that give you a very small window to move up in the competition and secure your spot for the finish. This left both teams pushing themselves whenever they had a small chance to pass their opponents, making for a very interesting and challenging racing environment.

The Sequoits enjoyed their race at Richardson’s Corn Maze this year and hope to return next year to secure another win. The cross country team is also very excited for their next meet this Saturday, Sep. 3, at UW-parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for their first big invitational of the season.

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Cole Loiacano, Sports Print Director
Cole Loiacano is a senior and it is his second year in Tom Tom, In his free time he runs both Cross Country and Track he also enjoys discovering new music as well as traveling with friends and family.
Addison Lane, Sports Writing Editor
Addison Lane is a Senior and this is her second year on staff. She is a two-sport athlete, doing both cross country and track. She loves designing even though writing comes easier to her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking pictures and traveling to new places.
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