Sequoit Inked: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

The mystery meaning behind body art: Serena Noble.


Alessia Rivera

Senior Serena Noble admires her body art.

A tattoo can have many meanings behind it. The purpose of body art can be to teach a lesson, make a reminder, become unique, allow self-expression or many more reasons.

For senior Serena Noble, getting a tattoo was something she wanted to do since she was little. After reading an inspiring passage from a poem, she knew she wanted the quote to be with her forever.

“I’ve always had a love and interest in tattoos,” Noble said. “I think tattoos can be a daily reminder for yourself. In some way, you can look at it and find happiness, a lesson [or] beauty.”

While a tattoo can hold a lot of information, it can also have no meaning at all. Some people get tattoos just because they like the design or picture. As a tattoo does not need to be of a certain type or meaning, the person it is on does not need to be either.

“I think tattoos can be just shapes or symbols,” Noble said. “You really don’t have to be any type of person to get a tattoo. You aren’t some badass just because you have a tattoo or an adult because you have to be a certain age to get one. It’s there on someone because they wanted it to be.”

Out of the different people who choose to have tattoos and whether or not they hold a meaning, Noble is of those who get tattoos because they choose to and it means something to them. Although tattoos can be painful and may cause certain disadvantages to some people regarding jobs, for Noble, her tattoo is worth it and she plans on adding more to her body in the future.