Social Media Influences the Environment

News reporting brings a variety of attention to natural disasters around the world.

Sarah Smith

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Primed and Ready to Defend
September 20, 2019

This infographic highlights the path that the dangerous natural disater took in the past few months on the east coast. The hurricane has devastasetd families by ripping into homes and communities and damaging personal belongings and the hopes of some Americans. It was the fourth named storm and first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

Natural disasters are interpreted in many ways due to media coverage and news reports. The burning of the Amazon Forest is one of many examples of poor media coverage of natural disasters. Some say it took weeks for the world to become aware of the burning of the Amazon, while others say the burning was misinterpreted and was meant to benefit the forest. The media coverage of the fire spread awareness and was the source of rumors about the forest fire.

According to MSNBC, Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, has been accused of starting the fire intentionally due to feuds with those who live in the forest. It has also been said that he has not made an effort to stop the fire for the same reason. Some believe Bolsonaro has played a key role in the deforestation that is literally fueling the flames of the Amazon.

Along with the rumors caused by social media and news reporting, there are also benefits of all the attention. Reporting of disasters around the world helps raise awareness and sometimes even money for the people affected.

Fundraisers and events such as the GoFundMe that was started by NBA player Buddy Hield, no matter how big or small, go toward helping the environment. This one in specific goes toward helping people in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, another current natural disaster, took away many homes, possessions and important belongings to the residents.

Similarly to people around the world, students at Antioch Community High School do their part around the community to help the environment. Stephen Rose, the leader of the ACHS Environmental Club, helps the students in the club organize events that they take part in around the town.

“[We] spread awareness and do good things for the environment,” Rose said. “We recycle both downtown and at ACHS. We recycle shoes, ink cartridges and are looking into composting.”

Rose believes that people don’t truly understand what they have and when these things are taken away, it will be too late to get them back. Raising awareness in a positive way will hopefully allow people to make a difference in the world and prevent the destruction or loss of the important resources people need.

Whether or not social media and news coverage of natural disasters are helping or hindering the cause, there are many ways to take precautions for these disasters before they continue to spread and grow. Starting in a small town like Antioch, the rest of the world can take these simple steps to help the earth.