Primed and Ready to Defend

Junior Trevor Niznik is ready to help his team with goals on and off the field.

Coming back from a tough season last year, many returning members of the boys varsity soccer team have high hopes for their 2019 season. Junior defender Trevor Niznik expects to be successful as he takes on his third year of playing with the varsity team. He hopes to reach the standards the boys and their coaches have set for the team this year.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how successful we will be,” Niznik said. “I wish to accomplish a record far better than last year. As a team, I hope we will be able to score at least once every game.”

After high school, Niznik hopes to continue his soccer career at the collegiate level and always performs as if scouts are watching.

“I would like to play soccer in college if offered the opportunity,” Niznik said. “However, my education would come first.”

His teammate, sophomore Evan Vazquez, is another returning player on the team who hopes to have a more successful season than previous years. More specifically, last year’s season, as they ended with zero conference wins. Vazquez and Niznik’s similar hopes reflect the strength of the teams’ mental chemistry as they work together.

“I hope our team will have more success and win [more than] we did last year,” Vazquez said. “We will reach this goal if we practice hard every day and learn what we need to fix to be successful as a team.”

Vazquez sees Niznik as a good teammate and a benefit to the team in multiple ways. Although Niznik is not one of this year’s captains, that doesn’t discourage him from speaking out and sharing his feedback in hopes of making the team better.

“Trevor is a leader and a team player,” Vazquez said. “He gives us advice on what we need to work on and always has a positive attitude while he motivates the team to do our best.”

Although being labeled a captain is looked at as being superior to others, Niznik and his team know this isn’t the case. They believe that not one athlete is better than the other and they all have areas to improve. When it comes to giving constructive criticism, Niznik has always done an excellent job at it. Often, constructive criticism may help boost a team’s performance and chemistry by allowing players to be honest with one another while improving their individual skills and playing styles. Niznik has learned from soccer alumni and captains, that a leader will always be open and honest to better the team.

“A leader, to me, looks like they would take ownership for their actions for better or for worse,” Niznik said.

While many players on this year’s team are striving for improvement and success, Niznik has other ideas in mind. His goal for the team is to make it farther than last year and become a family while in the process of going far in the playoffs. Ultimately, Niznik believes a close-knit team is the key to success.

“The most important thing a team needs is trust that your teammate will back you up and be where you need [them] to be,” Niznik said. “Soccer has taught me about the importance of communication; I would say our chemistry is our biggest strength.”

The insight and maturity Niznik has both on and off the field is something that makes him a leader whether it be with his classmates or with his teammates. While still having two more seasons to go in his high school soccer career, Niznik is predicted to continue growing as a soccer player, a teammate and a leader.