Sequoits fend off the Panthers and Eagles during an intense triangular meet

Sequoits have an impressive race this week at Round Lake sports complex.


Addison Lane

Sophomore Noah Gonzalez running his way to a strong finish.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2022, the Sequoits ran at Round Lake Beach sports complex against the Round Lake Panthers and the Lakes Eagles. The boys team performed decently and the girls did fantastic but this was not the usual meet as both the boys and girls cross country team. Both teams were told to treat this race as more of a workout which explains the lower than average times, though they still placed well. 

“I ran my hardest and I had a good race and the varsity team did more of a pack run,” senior captain Ben Georgia said.

Georgia briefly described why this race was different than normal with him mentioning the varsity teams did more of a pack run. This  means they tried to stay close together for most of the race. This type of run generally results in slower times but is better for conditioning.

Although they ran slower than normal the girls team still took the competition by storm and won with Antioch runners sophomore Piper Ipsen, sophomore Angela Ortiz and junior Addison Lane taking first, second and third. The boys took second place out of the three teams with freshman Carson Lanners taking first place in the race.

Captain senior Braxton Schieler further described the race and how it was a tempo workout and not all out which was instrumental to the success of the run.

“We were kind of running it as like a good solid tempo workout so we were trying to run hard but not 100% effort,” Schieler said.

Schieler is a captain on the boys cross country team at ACHS and keeps everything in order on the team, especially during meets where he gets everyone to warm up and cool down and stay on time for their events. Sophomore Abigail Sooley also commented about the meet after her impressive performance at the meet saying.

“It was good to have some different competition with Round Lake since we haven’t seen them yet and it was fun to see lakes again which is our district rivals,” Sooley said.

This was a sentiment a lot of the team shared as everyone seems to love competing against Lakes and seeing if they can take home the win. Overall it was a great meet for both teams and a great chance for them to take it easy before the next big race they had at Warren on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022.