Sequoits Take On Conference

The varsity girls bowling team took on the whole conference and prevailed to greatness.

On Friday, January 25, the girls varsity bowling team went to their home court to compete in the biggest meet of the year. This meet was the golden ticket to regionals and the state championship after that. The spotlight was on all of them.

Everything worked in their favor and they finished their long day with a first place trophy. Someone that stood out among all the talent was freshman Allyssa Tanner. She has been on varsity throughout the whole course of the season and has been showing out in every meet. She had a phenomenal three-game stretch but still thought that she could have improved in her marks.

“I could focus on my spares and try to take my time on them,” Tanner said. “Keeping my speed in check on my first and second balls.”

Tanner and the rest of the talented girls all had great games and came together as a team to overcome all the adversity they had in the conference meet.

“I realized when we work together and have fun that we are unstoppable,” Tanner said.

Tanner and her teammates were definitely in their zone and showed every bit of greatness in this meet. They will be advancing to regionals and then potentially state. The team will appreciate this win but not for long because they have bigger and better things to prepare for.