Sequoits Volleyball Takes First Win Against Johnsburg

The girls volleyball team takes their first win of the season against Johnsburg with plans for a great season.

The girls volleyball season had a great first game against Johnsburg High School on Tuesday, August 21st. The girls had high confidence and were able to pull off a great win and a fantastic start to the season.

In the first round of the game, the girls struggled to keep their aggressive opponent tamed. Johnsburg was able to pull off point after point with the Sequoits falling behind ever so slightly.

Great hits were made by juniors Cenie Frieson and Ayanna Tommy as well as some more good plays by senior Rachel Phillips.

“The team was really struggling to keep up their game in the first round,” Frieson said. “Later in the game the team did really good and we really showed them that this was our court.”

Halfway through the game the girls were able to pull themselves back out of the whole and put on a great performance with the varsity coach Greg Bruns being very impressed with the girls performance.

“I feel like the girls had a really rough time trying gain their ground but once the second round came in the girls really showed their true athletic ability,” Bruns said.

The girls plan on having a very positive season; come watch your fellow Sequoits at their next game against Rockford High School at Rockford on Saturday, September 25th.