Students See Broadway’s “Hamilton: An American Musical”

Winning several awards and snagging audiences all around the United States and Europe, Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” engaged Sequoits who attended a fine arts field trip on Wednesday, March 22.


While Writer’s Week continues in full surge and spring break looms around the corner, a bulk of Antioch Community High School’s fine arts department students attended a Broadway viewing of the musical “Hamilton.” Leaving early in the morning on Wednesday, the group of 100 consisted of students, chaperones and teachers.

The day began with a quick stop at Millennial Park and proceeded at Navy Pier. After eating a seafood-style lunch at Bubba Gump’s, the group had a chance to explore Navy Pier before making their way to the theatre.

“I enjoyed going,” senior Gregory Kane said. “It was interesting to see the musical everyone has been talking about for the past year.”

Students found seats in the front sections of the balcony inside the Private Bank Theatre. “Hamilton” is well known for its accurate portrayal of a man who receives little recognition as a founding father of the United States.

With a cast consisting of a wide variety of ethnicities and personalities, the production brought an exciting twist to the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton. Describing Hamilton’s life through the viewpoints of friends, family and enemies, “Hamilton” combined comedic style, historical context and upbeat music to present a highly acclaimed show.

“Hamilton stood out from other performances in a way that was so diverse,” senior Emily Voykin said. “It really showed a modernized version of our country from the past. “

From White House Cabinet rap battles to an insider view of King George’s thoughts on America, “Hamilton” was a highlight of many students’ weeks and inspired the audience to make an impact in the world.