10 Things You Need to Know for Monday, April 10

1.Thursday Pep Assembly

Spring is officially here and ACHS is kicking off the last six weeks of schools in celebration. The neon-themed pep rally is scheduled for Thursday, April 13 and will include performances from the orchestra, Grease! Cast and more.


2. Transition from ACT to SAT

It is clear that the school is transitioning from an ACT-based standardized system to one that focuses on the East Coast favored test: the SAT. Although they are both accepted at colleges, they have different formats and test students’ intelligence in different ways. Current juniors were the first ACHS class to switch to the new test.


3. Orchestra Festival

The Fine Arts Department has an array of performances and concerts throughout the spring semester including group festivals with surrounding schools. Although it is a newer program to the district, the orchestras are hosting their own Orchestra Festival for the first time, spanning away from the previously combined festival of band and orchestra. The festival will take place Wednesday, April 12 at LCHS


4. Senior ABC Countdown

Seniors are entering into their final weeks of high school, bringing a start to the traditional ABC Countdown. While participation is primarily for seniors in a countdown to their last day of school, the list of themed days is found on students’ emails.


5. Grease Performance

The Spring Musical, Grease!, is in full force, preparing for show week after the Easter Weekend. Show dates are April 20, 21, 22 and 23 and tickets may be bought online Here.


6. Prom 2017

“The Night Under the Moon and Stars” will take place Saturday, May 13 and begins ticket sales within the next week. Guest forms can be found in the front office and need to be filled out and turned in by April 19. Tickets start at $90 and are being sold on Saturday, April 22 from 9-12 pm. After that, they will go up to $100 as sold throughout the following week.


7. Gorsuch Confirmed

Neil Gorsuch was officially confirmed as the 113th Justice of the Supreme Court as of last Friday. With much debate and plans to filibuster in the senate, Democrats attempted to weigh in on his chances by lowering the vote. However, Republicans pushed through with a 54-45 majority vote, giving him the lifelong position of the Judicial Branch.


8. Warm Weather Approaching

The weather this winter has proved to be unpredictable for the Midwest as many received hot and cold flashes through the February and March months. Despite the drastic changes in climate, many are looking forward to warmer days in the month of April, leading to consistently hot summer months.


9. Egyptian Church shooting

Two Egyptian churches received the aftermath of separate bombings during their Palm Sunday Services early Sunday morning. More than 100 were injured and 44 killed in the two combined attacks, leaving devastation across other minority Christian churches of Egypt as they make way through Holy Week.


10. Syrian Missile Strike

In order to fight against the rebels (often times terrorists) in the nation, the Syrian government sent out airstrikes onto their own civilians. Combating the lives of the men, women and children that suffered from these strikes, the Trump Administration authorized missiles trikes onto the country to fend for those being innocently killed.