Superbowl 50 recap

Broncos defense dominates as they win Superbowl 50.


Graphic by: Chris Bedolla

Superbowl 50 may not have been a very memorable one for the average fan. The intensive defense for the Broncos disrupted everything the Panthers tried to throw at them.

It was a low scoring game for the electric offenses. The Panthers who are led by MVP Cam Newton could not get by Superbowl MVP Von Miller and the Broncos defense. The Broncos defense held the Carolina offense to only one touchdown, while scoring one on a strip by Von Miller on Cam Newton that was recovered by the Broncos defense for a touchdown.

Likely future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning did not have a big impact on the game as well, throwing zero touchdown passes. Even with that he called a great game from the line of scrimmage to get C.J. Anderson the Broncos only offensive touchdown.

Junior Logan Weber said, “Being a defensive player, the Broncos defense inspired me to think that no team is unbeatable and to never count yourself out.”

Junior John Howe, also a defensive player for the Sequoits football team said, “The Broncos defense truly proved the saying, ‘Offense wins games, defense wins championships’.”