Syracuse University Receives Hate Crimes

The past 10 days that shocked Syracuse University: confusion, fear and #NotAgain

Mollie Wagner

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The hashtag Not Again SU has been used frequently to raise awareness of what has been going around on campus.

The hashtag “Not Again SU” has been used frequently to raise awareness of what has been going around on campus.

On November 7, 2019, students at Syracuse University were taken aback by racially discriminatory graffiti painted inside one of the dorm buildings on campus. The incident was reported to campus authorities, who told the students and faculty of the dorms to not speak on the matter and to return to their daily lives unphased. 

With the University trying to stay radio silent, word ended up hitting the local news and African American students began protesting outside of the athletic center on campus. Since the start of the sit in, students have remained there day in and day out, starting a movement at Syracuse. Although there is so much hope for positive change within these students and staff, every day there is a new incident of racial graffiti. 

“I always thought Syracuse was a progressive, liberal school and I never thought something like this would happen here,” alumni Madison Paddock said. “I think people need to work on seeing perspectives that are different from their own every single day.. This can happen anywhere.” 

Last night, multiple students who were in the Bird Library (the main library on Syracuse campus) allegedly received a copy of a racist manifesto — supposedly the 74-page anti-immigrant document written by the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter — and a copy of the document was also posted on an online forum for sororities and fraternities. 

According to Fox News, “These reports have yet to be confirmed and there is no specific threat to Syracuse University,” safety officials wrote in a news release on Tuesday. “The Department of Public Safety is investigating these reports and has notified the Syracuse Police Department, the New York State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Students at Syracuse hope that this matter does not stay under the surface and brings light to Universities across the country to stand together in times of doubt and disturbance.