The Goalie Who Leads by Example

Like in any other sport, leadership is an important aspect of field hockey. Fortunately for the girls varsity field hockey team, this year, senior Zoë Semersky is a strong leader. While being the goalkeeper of the varsity team and a captain in the previous season, many of the girls involved in the sport look up to Semersky and see her as a role model. Her love for the sport is another aspect of her leadership that fellow team members admire.

“I truly enjoy the strategy aspect of the game; I essentially get to control the field,” Semersky said. “In addition, playing helps to clear my head of any stressors in life.”

Semersky has been playing field hockey since her freshman year and is also a part of the Windy City Field Hockey team. Semersky has also verbally committed to the College of Wooster to continue playing the sport she loves and looks forward to continuing her journey.

“The ability to play the sport at a higher, seemingly more competitive level is what I am most excited for about college field hockey,” Semersky said. “That and meeting my new team.”

While being involved in sports during high school, managing academics and athletics can be difficult. When it comes to Semersky, however, her work ethic allows her to get all of her work done efficiently. Semersky is an excellent student as she is in multiple AP classes and is involved in National Honor Society, student council, orchestra and the musical productions. Semersky works hard for herself and others.

“I do some volunteer work at God’s Will Resale Shop, as well,” Semersky said.

Semersky’s leadership is a prominent trait that stands at the front of her personality and many people admire her hard work and dedication to everything she is a part of.