The House Is Still Full

Season three of Fuller House comes to Netflix.

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A new season of the Netflix original series “Fuller House” premiered on September 22. Unlike the previous season, the viewer is told right away what the theme is going to be. This season consists of 18 episodes and revolves around the idea of fun in the summer. Many people who are fans of “Fuller House” were fans of the original television show “Full House.” The original show set the bar high for the Netflix spin off. This season, like the others, features some the original cast of “Full House,” along with appearances from some other familiar faces including, but not limited to, Danny Tanner and Gia Mahan.

“I do like how they kept the characters and personalities the same as the original show,” sophomore Brandon Pinto said. “Some movies and shows change up the characters but they seemed to stay the same.”

With the release of the new season, “Full House” fans everywhere will be taken through the crazy Tanner household. With many real life situations that make the show so relatable to fans everywhere, this season of “Fuller House” will be no exception. In true “Full House” fashion, there are three extra episodes to be produced. Be on the lookout for future seasons and additional episodes.

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