The Infamous Senioritis

Seniors in their final few months of high school tend to act in ways unusual to their habitual self.


Joseph Kestian

Senior Braden Buehlman spends his time playing on his phone instead of getting homework done for his next period class

A common trait that seems to have infected every senior class in high school is the infamous senioritis. As seniors embark on their final semester of high school, it is obvious that they do not have the same motivation as they did earlier in their schooling career.

“Once I got to senior year, I just had no motivation for anything,” senior Rachel Phillips said. “I’ve put so much effort toward school these past four years that I’m just ready to be done with high school.”

Some think the lack of motivation comes from thinking that school work is not as important as it was in their junior year. Since many students are being accepted to college or starting to apply to schools, they devote all their attention to preparing for the next chapter of their lives and often forget about the work that needs to be done now.

“My main goal was to just get accepted to college,” senior Braden Buehlman said. “Now, I’m just doing enough to get by and graduate.”

High school is draining both physically and mentally. Some students compete in three sports all four years of high school on top of multiple honors and AP courses, so it is common for a student to check out early since they’re ready to move on with their lives.

Along with no motivation to complete school work, a sour attitude toward high school in general becomes very prominent. Spending every day with the same people, teammates and even teachers can get old very quickly, especially after four years.

“Coming to school every day has become more of a chore rather than an enjoyment,” senior Christian Ortiz said. “I just want to move on to college and meet new people and not spend time doing busy work for the rest of the semester.”

If one mixes a dismissive attitude and no motivation together, it creates a recipe that is often asking for disaster. For some though, the short time period that is left in the school year can be motivation to just stay diligent in their school work and make it out alive.