The Process of Preparing for Homecoming

Planning for Homecoming tends to differ between girls and boys.


Sarah Smith

Choosing between the many colors of nail polish is one the decisions that are made while preparing for Homecoming.

Homecoming season is a very busy time of year for most students, especially those who are preparing to attend the annual dance. While getting ready for the eventful week, everyone has a different experience. Whether it be going shopping, attending scheduled appointments, making plans or many other necessities for a successful homecoming, everyone’s experience is not the same.

For boys, getting ready for the dance itself seems very easy. Getting dressed and doing their hair is, for the most part, all a boy has to do. Other than buying a corsage, their own ticket and an additional ticket for their date, boys do not need to spend much money on homecoming unless they do not have dress clothes or shoes they could wear.

“It’s a lot of fun to spend time with all the kids in the school and it’s just different than every other dance,” junior Alexander Barbarise said.

On the other hand, preparing for the dance usually takes a very long time and a lot of energy for girls. Shopping for the perfect dress can take hours, hair and nail appointments can cost a lot of money, makeup may take a while to apply and they also need to buy a boutonniere if they have a date.

“I love spending time getting ready and feeling pretty and confident for the night,” junior Adalia Tate said. “Feeling carefree and just having fun with my friends makes the dance something I look forward to every year.”

While a girl needs the majority of the day to get ready for the dance, a boy may only need about an hour at most.

After all of the dance preparations for both girls and boys, the night is usually a success and will always be remembered by the people attending. The money is well spent and the time and effort put into homecoming can be seen in the hundreds of photos taken by each student. All aspects of the week and the dance itself come together to make a very enjoyable time for all the students attending homecoming.