The Sequoits Took Aim, and Missed, Against the Knights

The Antioch boys basketball team faced off in a close match, yet a tough loss, against Grayslake North.

The Sequoits boys basketball team faced off against a tough opponent last week when they stepped onto the court against new conference member Grayslake North.

In the first quarter both teams faced off aggressively for dominance over the ball. Both the Sequoits and the Knights fought hard with their aggressive offenses and pushed back the other team using their coordinated defenses.

The Sequoits took a fair lead in the beginning of the game and continued to push Grayslake to their limits; however, they were unable to keep their aggressive offense under control. The team ended up falling to the Knights 57-53.

Junior Daniel Filippone scored 10 points, senior captain Andrew Hare lead the team with 11, and Jack Gillespie scored 4 points. Even though the Sequoits lost the game they still plan to keep working hard with the end of the season nearing closer and closer and the highly anticipated Antioch/Lakes game Thursday at 7 p.m.

Tyler Skutnik