The Shots Heard Around the World

Recent gun violence happening in countries all over the globe has had a lasting impact on people from many locations.

The year 2018 has started off with 18 school shootings in the United States. This is a devastating and shocking number that has shaken all of America to its very core. Throughout the states, schools have been increasing their security and awareness of gun violence in the community. The idea of taking guns away has also been a prevalent debate throughout schools such as Antioch Community High School.

“People who want to protect themselves, like us, wouldn’t be able to if they take guns away,” sophomore Samantha Champney said. “It’s the second amendment, they can’t take that away from [the people].”

While some students choose to express themselves through debates, others use peaceful walkouts and protests to make their voices heard.

“I feel [walkouts are] a peaceful way to make a big impact in our society and to prove that gun violence is an issue,” sophomore Ben Ticsay said. “We should have a voice because we are the ones who will fix the past generation’s mistakes.”

Teachers at ACHS are also well aware of the protests going on around them. Although they know about them, students feel they aren’t addressing them correctly.

“Everyone should be aware that this could happen to us at any time,” freshman Hailey Webb said. “I think we need to know what we are supposed to do in case this happens to us.”

The everlasting thought of gun violence will never truly leave students’ minds. The possibility of a school shooting is a reality that high school kids are constantly reminded of and they know that they must take it upon themselves to make a change.