The Ups and Downs of Sport Gambling

While being in the middle of the football season many people are also in the middle of their gambling and fantasy football seasons.


Leighton Costello

Gambling could become an issue for Americans across the country in this year’s fantasy football season.

Ever since football has been considered a sport, many people have started gambling through sports. Others have now started leagues called Fantasy Football. Since teenagers cannot gamble, they choose to make a league of their own and have their winners choose the consequence for the losers of the bracket.

“Every league is different and in my league, we play for fun,” senior Jayden Marquis said. “The prize for the loser is that they need to eat hot wings. I personally do not gamble on games for the fact that I’m just in it for the fun.”

Many people enjoy gambling, but others may not. Some use a gambling app such as Draft Kings or FanDuel, while others make small bets between friends and family. As it is important to be responsible with money, some people can bet their whole, as they have bookies. These people hold on to the money and make sure their client does not spend their whole life savings in one weekend.

“It is interesting to see how people win a lot of money and then continue to lose it just because they think they will keep winning,” senior Matthias Madigan said. “Another interesting fact is that some of the highest-scoring people aren’t even the people you hear too much about.”

It is important not always to use the same players each week because they can have a really good week and then do poorly the next. People tend to overuse certain athletes since these players are chosen by many people to play. They then overwork themselves and can lead to mess-ups on the field.

“People can make their entire livelihood from gambling and people have lost their entire livelihood in gambling,” varsity football head coach Brian Glashagel said. “I like enjoying the games instead of worrying about whether I’m getting enough points or not.”

It may be fun for some to play fantasy football and gamble, and there may be high rewards, but in many cases, there will always be higher consequences. Remember that sport is just a game and there will always be next week. Gamblers need to remember just how much money they have won but also how much they have lost.