This Week in News: November 2-6

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Argentina Faces Economic Crash

Many Argentine people expected a savior from the economic recession they faced last year when they voted and elected current Argentine President Alberto Fernandez. Those hopes have yet to be pleased, as Fernandez scrambles to find a good economic plan to bring Argentina up from the economic crash. 


According to the Wall Street Journal, Fernandez has a lot on his plate managing a peronist coalition – people that believe in a blend of nationalism and populism – that is a loyal leftist base to former president, now Vice President Cristina Kirchner.


Scientists Discover Cause of Common COVID-19 Symptom

A symptom of COVID-19 that many people across varying ages share is blood clots. These clots have the potential to cause blockages in the lungs, strokes and death. 


According to a paper in Science Magazine, autoantibodies – rogue cells that would normally defend the body – are partly responsible for the clotting. 


The same paper mentions an experiment testing the blood of 172 patients that were hospitalized for COVID-19 to find if there were autoantibodies present; half of those patients produced autoantibodies. To further prove their claim, they injected autoantibodies into lab mice to find that the animals all developed blood clots.


Man Banned from Yellowstone

An unnamed man has been fined and blacklisted from Yellowstone National Park for attempting to fry chicken in the park’s hot springs. The Idaho Falls native faces a $1200 fine and a two-year unsupervised probation.


According to the New York Post, he will be forbidden from entering Yellowstone in the duration of his probation.


Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the park rangers have seen people try to cook food on the geysers or hot springs.


Biden Announced As President-Elect

Joe Biden has been announced as the President-Elect for the 2020 presidential election. The last update from the Associated Press has Biden at 290 electoral college votes and current president Donald Trump at 214. Serving alongside Biden will be Vice President Kamala Harris. 


According to 9 & 10 News, Biden addressed the nation on November 7, emphasizing the importance of unity as the country shifts under new management. 


Biden released the plan his administration has for rising above the current pandemic; this includes establishing new members of the COVID-19 task force.


Preliminary Findings Show Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine is Effective 

The vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE was shown to be 90 percent effective when tested on 94 human patients who were infected with the coronavirus and had developed at least one symptom. While the results are incomplete, this is the start of a positive trend, hopefully allowing for widespread use by the public.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Pfizer said they are on track to ask health regulators to sell the vaccine before the end of the month, if the data suggests the shot is safe. 


This is the first vaccine, in response to a pandemic or outbreak, to be produced in under one year. The vaccine release process generally takes years to complete. 


Dispute Over Dog Leads to Shooting

A simple argument that started over a dog ended with the shooting of eight people in Tennessee on November 8. Nashville authorities responded to shots fired around 1 a.m. on Sunday, and luckily the injuries were not severe.


According to CBS News, the two suspects were arguing over the dog, and one of the suspects pulled a handgun, shooting the dog, the suspect holding the dog and seven other people that arrived after the first gunshot.


The investigation is ongoing; however the dog’s condition is stable, as well as the eight shot. The Nashville Police Department is on the lookout for the suspects.


Man Finds Mummified Twinkie

Colin Purrington of Pennsylvania bought a box of Twinkies in 2012, as he heard rumors of the manufacturing company, Hostess, shutting down. Purrington thought the box of sweet treats could sit on the shelf and stay relatively fresh, as Twinkies are known to be non-perishable for the most part. 


According to the Scarlet News, Purrington was going to eat a Twinkie from the box, but after the first bite he saw the distorted appearance of the sponge cake.


He then sent the box over to West Virginia University for scientists that study fungi. The fungi turned out to pervade solely the sponge cake but not the inner cream filling, thus providing the scientists with what appeared to be a mummified twinkie.


Alex Trebek Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

Longtime host of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek died on November 8 after a year and a half long battle with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. The Jeopardy! Twitter account released a tweet announcing that Trebek passed peacefully surrounded by family and friends at his home.

According to Insider, the Emmy-winning television host has been in the broadcasting career line since he was in college; his death affected not only fans, but his coworkers in the field, too.


Trebek has been a host for Jeopardy! since 1984, which means 36 years as the game show host, accumulating six total Emmy awards for his part on the show.


French Police Question 10-year-olds Voicing Support for Beheading

The French police have questioned four 10-year-old students that openly voiced their support for the beheading of a teacher who showed caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed. The kids reportedly said they would kill their own teacher if he showed caricatures of Muhammed. 


According to the Epoch Times, the kids were announcing their support for the terrorist murder of history teacher Samuel Paty on October 16, as schools across France held a minute of silence to honor Paty. 


The four children and their parents were detained for multiple hours but released later on November 5 after judicial authorities ordered for the accused parties to attend ‘educative training’.


Dutch Teacher Goes into Hiding Over Muslim Political Cartoon

A teacher native to the Netherlands has been forced into hiding as students denounced a political cartoon regarding Islam in his classroom. The backlash this unnamed teacher faced was just two weeks after the beheading of French history teacher, Paty, for using caricatures of Prophet Muhammed. 

According to the Jerusalem Post, an 18-year-old woman was arrested after inciting threats to the teacher, including her attempts to get classmates to object against the teacher.


Many cases similar to this and the Paty case have been sparked across Europe.