Top Five: Professional Softball Teams

Softball may be a popular sport among high school and college athletes, but it is often passed over as a professional sport.


Softball is known to most as a high school and college sport, yet there is a professional level that is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. It is likely that the sport will gain popularity, however, there are five teams who have the top players in the country.

  1. Akron Racers.
  2. Chicago Bandits.
  3. Scrap Yard Dawgs
  4. Texas Charge
  5. USSSA Pride

This league was founded in 1997 and essentially fell apart but was brought back to life in the mid 2000s. The top 96 softball players in the nation make up these five teams. These teams look to increase the popularity of the sport and to compete in the NPF Championship at the end of the season.

Junior Julius Catalan explains how he feels many people probably feel about professional softball.

“I never really knew professional softball was around, but I think that if more people knew about it, it would probably become more popular,” Catalan said.