Top Five Ways Students Spend Money

Find out what is breaking students' piggy banks.


Students lose money every day instead of saving for more valuable things. Here the top five ways Antioch Community High School students believe they spend their money.

1. Food

High schoolers find themselves wasting time with friends by going out to eat constantly. Fast food, snacks and sit down restaurants fill up with teenagers as soon as school gets out. Most of the time, by the age of 16, high schoolers’ mission is to find a job and the No. 1 thing they tend to spend their money on is food.

2. Gas

One of the perks of turning 16 is getting a license, but with a license comes a car and with a car comes the expense of gas. In most cases, the privilege of having a car comes with the responsibility of paying for gas. Some teens have the advantage of willing parents to provide money for their child’s gas. Other teens don’t have that advantage and have to find other ways to pay for gas on their own. It may be nice to be able to drive wherever you need whenever you need to. The luxury of going to friends houses, practices and school whenever you need to without finding a ride can be very convenient, but high schoolers agree that the cost does add up.

3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Whether or not the couples in high school are high school sweethearts or simply just crushes, money is something often spent. With holidays, birthdays and anniversaries come presents, flowers and dates that are not free. Although high schoolers agrees that it is money well spent, there is no denying that it is not cheap to be in a relationship.

4. School Activities

From sports games, field trips and school lunches to contests, schools hold many functions that are quick to leave students broke. Involvement in school affiliated activities is extremely important, but without the help of their parents, high schoolers would have great trouble attending all of the exciting events held at their school.

5. Clothes

Students will do whatever they can to keep up with the style trends in society, even with the great expense. In private schools, where uniforms are necessary, money spent on clothing among students is much lower than money spent on clothing among kids in public schools. Changing reasons, physically growing and social trends changing are all motivating factors for students to spend money on clothes.