Varsity basketball starts the season out strong

On Dec. 1, the boys varsity basketball teams played Johnsburg and won their second game, starting the season off on a good foot.


Brayden Cecchi

Seniors Leighton Costello and Andy Tindell share signature walk-out handshake.

On Dec. 1, the varsity boys basketball team played their second game of the season and came out with a win. They played against Johnsburg and won 42-34. While on the court, the team played well, allowing them to make the necessary plays. They were able to pull what they have been doing in practice and apply it to the game. 

“We played well; we’re starting to get the hang of things and working together,” senior Trenton Crandall said. “Our talking on defense is improving phenomenally.”

Even though the boys played well, the team still has things to work on. 

“As a whole, we need to work on our three balls and continue to pound the glass and talk on defense,” Crandall said. 

Not only does the team need to work on playing harder, but they also need to work on communication. 

In our first four games, our communication in the second half has been much worse than in the first, so that is the one thing we need to work on,” junior Kyle Glassman said. 

Not only does the whole team have things to work on, but the players also have things they need to improve on as well. The players look at their stats and footage of how they play, making sure that they better themselves for future games. 

“I shot 50% from the free-throw line, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s not good,” senior Leo Reband said. “I need to find extra time to work on my free throws to get my percentage up.”

Other than the few things that the team needs to work on, the group is happy with how their first basketball game went.